With our group’s complimentary and diverse skill sets, we offer our clients a unique perspective on every project.  By leveraging our knowledge of real estate, we have a history of developing creative solutions for our clients which predictably contribute beneficial results on multiple levels. 

We have discovered over the years that our results are greatly enhanced when a team approach is utilized.  A team approach is not always common in the real estate industry.  Our professionals continuously collaborate, pool resources, and use their combined talent and experience to obtain our client’s objectives.  In addition, SABRE’s team works together to examine and scrutinize potential strategies, solutions, implementation procedures, and negotiation methodologies in advance of client delivery to maximize the benefits of our services. This strategic process encourages new ideas, promotes innovative, creative, and cost effective solutions for our clients. 

Each of our professional’s individual skills and experiences are noteworthy, but when united, SABRE Real Estate Group is visionary.  See our perspective…

Katherine Carter


L. Stephen Polito

President & Founder

Douglas Hubert

Executive Vice President

Denise Helm


Theodore Meeker


Janet Carter


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