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Retailers are at the mercy of economic fluctuations. A retail business may flourish during periods of prosperity, but fail if there is a downturn in the economy. In addition to “location” there are many risks that must be identified before signing a lease.  Sustainability demands the ability to adapt, adjust, and to work cohesively with evolving market ..  Whether you are starting a new business, opening a franchise, or managing an on-going business, one fact remains; Real Estate is one of the largest expenditures you will have. 


Getting the right location if of the utmost importance, but at what cost?  Analyzing alternate locations, with their attendant costs, projecting potential gross sales, and profits, requires an in-depth understanding of key business drivers.

Other decision factors to be considered include key trade area metrics, competition, and customer centric attributes like access, parking, visibility, feeder businesses, and signage.  Getting a retail site operational is both time consuming and capital intensive.  It is hard for a business to survive a location mistake without lease flexibility, which is uncommon in the industry, but obtainable if required.


SABRE has assisted many retail tenants with the goal of making informed location decisions, with a complete understanding of the financial obligations, and with recognized risk.  In too many instances, the landlord’s complicated lease can easily mask the true extent of the commitment.  With our help, our clients become educated in their total potential costs of occupancy, and then can make an educated judgment as to whether the preferred location is based on proper business economics.  Profitability is the focus.


Our goal is to provide adequate facilities to meet the changing needs of the organization in a timely manner, at minimal cost, and with recognized risks.


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