SABRE Real Estate Group

SABRE Real Estate Group is a real estate consulting and brokerage firm that is dedicated to providing service to those who use real estate, in the course of their business. Our focus is Tenant Representation as opposed to representation of Landlords! Since our formation in 2007, we have opened offices in San Francisco, Honolulu, and Connecticut. We service clients on a National and International level and have experience with companies from Start-Ups to the Fortune 500.


A well-defined real estate strategy is an essential element of any business plan and is necessary if a business is to operate efficiently and successfully.

Real estate helps define any business.  Is makes a statement to your employees and clients or patrons. In the typical corporate world, it creates the work environment, and aids in establishing the corporate culture for your personnel.  To your clients it sends a message about who you are and your sense of values.  In the retail world it not only creates the work environment, but also differentiates you from your competition.  It creates an inviting atmosphere where your patrons look forward to their next visit.


SABRE Real Estate Group uses its distinct methodology to develop functional strategic real estate plans, competitively bid and analyze alternative solutions, and utilizes proprietary financial modeling to assist our clients in making informed business decisions.  Call one of our representatives to discuss how SABRE might be your solution.


Connecticut / New York


  San Francisco, CA     Honolulu, HI     Greenwich, CT   

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