Corporate Services

The services we provide to our clients have been forged by our client’s needs.  Whether you are an emerging growth or a seasoned Fortune 500 company, one fact remains constant; real estate costs represent one of the largest categories of expenditures behind the cost of employees.

Our goal is to provide adequate space to meet the changing needs of an organization in a timely manner, at minimal cost, and with recognized risk.  Just as accounting and law firms provide assistance, SABRE can provide the real estate experience and expertise necessary to initiate, manage, oversee real estate activities and programs to effectively minimize capital investment and control operating expense.

We recognize that the internal skills and capabilities available within each client’s organization vary.  In addition, due to the volume and required effort imposed on potentially reduced internal resources we have carefully modeled our services to align with desired results.  Many of our clients leverage our perspective and resources as and when needed.  Others request just in time resources to temporary fill a vacant position or for only a specific project.  Our services encompass the full life cycle of your corporate real estate holdings and facilities. 

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